Application 23/01653 - Holly Dene, Castle Hill Terrace

Comments on Application 23/01653 - Holly Dene, Castle Hill Terrace

Change of use to allow the siting of a mobile home and terrace ( retrospective ).

It is appreciated that Holly Dene  provides 12 rooms of residential accommodation for people experiencing issues with mental health. However, it is located in one of the most sensitive Conservation Areas at the top of Castle Hill. The already existing mobile home provides a catering and rest facility for the staff, in addition to a therapy room. It is put forward as a permanent solution to the provision of these facilities.

By their very nature mobile homes are essentially temporary in nature. A retrospective application to regularise this mobile home on a permanent basis is unacceptable. It is out of character with the host building, and does not reflect and enhance the distinctive nature of the neighbourhood which is largely comprised of distinctive large Victorian houses. Consequently, we object to this application.

It is noted that the Planning Statement says that in the event of retrospective planning for the mobile home being refused, then a subsequent application will be made for permanent extensions to the host property to provide the facilities in question. Subject to the architectural style  and proportions of those extensions being in keeping with the character of the Conservation Area and the removal of the mobile home - then this would be an acceptable outcome.