Application 23/01487 - Belmont Place, Belmont Road

Comments on Application 23/01487 - Belmont Place, Belmont Road

3 new infill dwellings to the existing undercroft area with associated amendments to ground level vehicle access and parking, cycle and refuse provision and new solar panels to the existing roof

Two previous applications ( 22/01877 and 23/01214 ) have secured permitted change of use of the existing office space to create 18 flats and 22 flats respectively. There were issues around minimum space standards that appear to have been addressed.

This is a additional full application to create 3 new dwellings beyond the existing office space. Consequently, the standards are higher than for office conversions. The individual flats ( 1 x 1b1p, 1 x 1b2p and 1 x 2b4p ) all meet the minimum Nationally Described Space standard for each occupancy. However, they have limited or no widow areas, especially in the kitchen and bathroom. In addition they offer limited outlook because of the low undercroft setting. It is difficult to envisage how they warrant such a positive daylight report. Furthermore the have zero amenity space. The resultant dwellings are substandard and not what is required of new build flats. Consequently, we object to this application.

The element of this application relating to solar panels on the roof should be judged separately and not dependent on the outcome of this submission for the three flats.