Application 23/00613 - Land to rear of 49/53 and 47 Courthouse Rd

Comments on Application 23/00613 - Land to rear of 49/53 and 47 Courthouse Rd

Six detached and semi detached dwellings with access, parking and amenity space following the demolition of the existing dwelling.

We  commented on the previous similar application for this site ( 22/00361) on 6th March 2022. This earlier application was refused and a subsequent appeal was dismissed. A further application for 5 detached dwellings (922/01901) was also subsequently refused. As stated previously this site offers a genuine opportunity for  infilling with residential development. However, the proposals must be compatible with the character of the neighbourhood and not result in cramped overdevelopment to the visual detriment of the location.

It is not clear that the new submission is any improvement on what has previously been refused. The number of dwellings ( 2 x detached and 4 x semis ) is unchanged. The demolition of No 47 creates a narrow access to the houses at the rear of the site, which is unsatisfactory. It is attempted to squeeze in a detached dwelling ( Plot 6 ), with parking and amenity space alongside the access road which restricts the width. This will create congestion accessing and leaving the 5 houses to the rear. To accommodate 13 parking spaces on site, the developer resorts to unsatisfactory tandem parking for Plots 3 and 4 and hard standing parking in the front garden of Plot 6. These Plot 6 parking spaces are at right angles to the access road and will cause potential obstruction for other vehicles.

The only significant change in this application from 22/00361 appears to be the replacement of  the two undersized garages of Plot 5 with parking spaces. We continue to object on the grounds of overdevelopment.