Application 22/03342 - Thames House, 17 Marlow Road

Comments on Application 22/03342 - Thames House, 17 Marlow Road

Application for prior approval for construction of two additional storeys to building providing 33 additional dwellings. 

This office block was granted Permitted Change of Use to create 40 dwellings under Application 21/02171. It is accepted that such conversion of existing office space to residential is permitted as part of the national drive to generate more dwellings and increase the housing stock. Of course, invariably the resultant dwellings from such change of use are flats - of which Maidenhead has a severe oversupply.

This proposal will add to that oversupply by creating two new storeys of residential development totalling 33 flats. Unlike a conversion, this scheme creates new footage and brings additional  flats on stream. The proposed flats do meet the Nationally Described Minimum Space Standard of 39 m2 for a 1 bed/1person dwelling. However, this represents the barest minimum standard and there is no evidence as to how the occupancy will be restricted to one person. In the event of two people occupying such small flats the living conditions will be substandard and unacceptable. It could be argued that there have not been many 1b/1p flats constructed in Maidenhead's current flat "boom". It is not clear that such a demand exists, and certainly there will be no control over the number of  occupants.

The additional two storeys will be overbearing in height bulk and mass. This will result in the overlooking of and loss of privacy for the surrounding residential properties, especially to the rear. Consequently, we object to this application which will generate additional flats of a poor standard and will be detrimental to the quality of amenity enjoyed by neighbouring residents.