Application 22/00549 - Land at 39/41 and 39/41 North Town Road

Comments on Application 22/00549 - Land at 39/41 and 39/41 North Town Road

Outline application for new front entrance canopies, single storey wraparound extensions, new first floors to Nos. 39 and 41 and construction of 2 x dwellings.


This application is in two distinct parts - the extension and refurbishment of the host dwellings ( Nos. 39 and 41 ) and the proposal to construct a pair of semi detached houses on disused land to the rear.

We support the proposed increase in size and height of the existing bungalows, and believe that the new elevations will be compatible with the character of the surrounding street scene. It is hoped that the new parking arrangements will prove adequate and not result in any displacement on street parking.

However, we believe that the proposal for two semi-detached dwellings on the land to the rear is over ambitious and will result in cramped overdevelopment.  The proposed tandem parking arrangements, combined with a restricted turning area and limited access are inadequate for two dwellings. Amenity space is also limited. Whilst the site is suitable for residential infilling, a single dwelling / household would be a more satisfactory outcome given the limited access and the constrained nature of the space available.