Application 21/03493 - Land between Gringer Hill and Hargrave Road (part of De Beers site)

Comments on Application 21/03493 - Land between Gringer Hill and Hargrave Road (part of De Beers site)

Development of 44 later living apartments and associated communal facilities with car parking, vehicular and pedestrian access from Gringer Hill, maintenance and emergency pedestrian access from Hargrave Road, landscaping, drainage and all associated works.

We were pleased to participate in the pre application consultation process for this development. We broadly support the scheme which represents a positive outcome for the development of this site. We believe that some concerns about visibility splays regarding egress from the site onto Gringer Hill have been resolved. Whilst we remain concerned about the ever increasing number of flats in Maidenhead, it is acknowledged that there is an ever increasing demand for senior living apartments - or euphemistically "later living" as in this application.

We believe that the design, setting and standard of accommodation offered by this proposal are a welcome use of this site.