Application 21/02893 - Copper Beeches, Glebe Road

Comments on Application 21/02893 - Copper Beeches, Glebe Road

Extension and conversion of the existing garage, two storey side extension, rear roof terrace, 2 x rear dormers and alterations to fenestration

In addition to the conversion of the existing garage to residential use, this application involves substantial extension which will result in a significant increase in footprint. The property lies within Flood Zone 3 and is therefore subject to Planning Policy F1 which restricts the cumulative increase in footprint to a maximum of 30m2. It is noted from the Planning History that a previous extension of the property was permitted in 1993.

Although a comprehensive Flood Risk Assessment accompanies this application, it does not appear that the matter of the increase in footprint is addressed. Cumulative extension of footprint beyond 30m2 should not be permitted.