Application 21/02413 - Hitachi, Whitebrook Park

Comments on Application 21/02413 - Hitachi, Whitebrook Park

Change of use from offices to 88 x residential units.

This application follows on from a previous similar proposal for change of use to 97 residential dwellings (19/03511). We are pleased to note that all the dwelling units exceed the Nationally Described Space Standard in living space. Because of the land area surrounding the building, it is possible to provide substantial parking provision with a total of 138 spaces. This is essential because of the location being remote from the town centre - approx 2 miles. It is not clear whether adequate amenity space is provided for residents or how it is allocated.

The setting on the semi rural fringes of Maidenhead, makes this location not really suitable for a large development of residential flats, which are out of character with the neighbourhood. We believe that the site should be designated for  new residential development within the BLP, so that the office block could be demolished and a development of purpose built family homes with a mix of town houses, semis and detached be constructed on the site. This could be alongside a similar development on the site of Stiefel Labs which is situated to the east.

The change of use from offices to residential may be expedient, but it is not the best use of the site. It offers residential flats which are out of character with the area and do not best suit Maidenhead's need for family homes.