Application 21/02067 - Mattel House, Vanwall Road

Comments on Application 21/02067 - Mattel House, Vanwall Road

Change of use from offices to dwellinghouses to create 28 flats.

This is yet another application to convert superfluous office space to residential accommodation. The setting within a business park is far from ideal and more flats will be added to the likely oversupply which is being generated by the intense redevelopment of Maidenhead Town Centre. This oversupply is concentrated on 1 bed flats, and it is disappointing that only 6 of the 28 proposed flats are 3 or 3 bedroom.

It is a positive that all the flats appear to be larger than the Nationally Described Minimum Space Standard. However, the proposed development is unsatisfactory in terms of leisure/amenity space and parking provision. As with most office conversions there are no balcony spaces includes in the layout, and amenity space for the use of residents is limited. In these post - covid times the benefit of outdoor space for mental and physical wellbeing is clearly established. 100 parking spaces were provided when the building functioned as an office. This has now been reduced to 34 spaces - which is 1 space for each studio / 1 bed flat and 2 spaces for each 2 or 3 bed flat. This is the bare minimum under RBWM Parking Policy. With this reduction in parking provision it would have been an opportunity to create some amenity space.

We object to this proposal because it could be improved significantly. A higher proportion of 2 and 3 bed flats is required. The out of town location requires more parking provision and more outside amenity space should be provided for the benefit of residents.