Application 21/00503 - Zaman House, Church Road

Comments on Application 21/00503 - Zaman House, Church Road

Constuction of a new building of 7 x apartments with new access, associated parking, cycle and refuse stores, and landscaping following demolition of the existing.

We have objected to all the previous applications to demolish this property and redevelop this site into flats. We continue to object to this slightly scaled back re-submission of previously refused proposals.

The existing dwelling has been extensively enlarged with cumulative planning applications over the years. Indeed, there has been a recent application to further increase the roof ridge height and number of storeys. The fact that the property has been progressively overextended is used as justification for this latest application to be scaled back as part of the proposal. Furthermore, the architectural design has been modified into a Georgian style rather than the current building. According to the Planning Statement the current house has "no architectural merit" even after all the extension and refurbishment. Zaman House currently makes "no positive design contribution or distinction" to the streetscape. Although the number of flats has been reduced to 7 units, the Planning Statement under Para 5.1 still refers to 8 dwelling units - although only 7 are shown on the plans.

 n spite of the size of the building being scaled back, and a more coherent architectural style being applied, this proposal remains out of character with the Fisheries, with the introduction of flatted development. It represents overdevelopment of the site, and in ecological terms it is wasteful to demolish such a substantial property in the drive to deliver more flat dwelling units in a location away from the town centre. The intensification of the site results in an un- neighbourly loss of amenity and privacy for neighbouring properties.