Application 21/00347 - Land adj. 33A The Crescent

Comments on Application 21/00347 - Land adj. 33A The Crescent

Construction of 2 dwellings with landscaping, parking and access.

We believe that this site represents an opportunity for infilling with residential development. We remain opposed to the alternative current application for a block of 9 flats (20/03261) and objected to an earlier similar application for 9 flats. We did not comment on 19/03191 for 2 detached dwellings but were disappointed that this more modest  application was refused - primarily because of potential damage to the root systems of established and TPO trees.

his application is similar to the 2 detached dwellings as proposed under 19/03191 and it is to be hoped that the concerns relating to tree damage have been addressed. As a proposal for 2 substantial family homes it is our preferred use of the site. The alternative proposal for a block of  9 flats represents overdevelopment of the site, contributes to the oversupply of flats in our housing stock and has inadequate provision of parking and garden amenity space. With this application we note that two parking spaces per dwelling plus an on-site turning area are provided. Each dwelling has designated amenity space. This scheme with 2 detached dwellings will be much more in character with the street scene and consequently is our preferred use of this site.