Application 20/02048 - Orchard Lea, Derek Road

Comments on Application 20/02048 - Orchard Lea, Derek Road

Garage conversion, two storey front extension, single storey infill extension, new first floor with rear balcony. Removal of existing ground floor bay windows and demolition of the existing single storey side and rear elements.

This is a substantial remodelling and enlargement of the existing property, which will enhance the street scene. However, the site lies within Flood Zone 3 and is therefore subject to Planning Policy F1 which restricts the cumulative increase in footprint to 30 sq mts. There is no reference to flood plain issues within the documentation relating to this application. The complexity of the proposed demolition / extensions make it  difficult to establish the net increase in footprint. Furthermore, we believe that because of the location of the site a Flood Risk Assessment is required.