Application 20/00313 - Zaman House, Church Road

Comments on Application 20/00313 - Zaman House, Church Road

Construction of new building comprising 8 apartments etc. following demolition of existing.


We have objected to the previous application 19/00674 for a similar proposal on this site. The introduction of a block of flats to this location is completely out of character with the streetscape of the Fisheries and will be detrimental to the neighbouring properties and the adjacent Conservation Area. The previous application which was refused is currently undergoing an appeal to the Planning Inspectorate and a decision is pending.


There is an improvement in this latest application in that the new access and egress arrangements are via the existing location on Church Road - rather than a new position directly onto Bray Road as originally proposed. In spite of this change, the overall scale, bulk, height and mass of this proposed apartment block is unsuitable for the location and we continue to object to this proposal.