Application 19/03606 - 106 to 108 High Street

Comments on Application 19/03606 - 106 to 108 High Street

Outline application for a self contained six storey building of 14 apartments. Provision of an undercroft car park at ground floor level, etention of 440 sq mts of commercial floor space.


We have commented previously on schemes to develop retail sites fronting High Street and backing on to West Street. Applications 19/00942 and 17/03010 applied to 70 to 72 High Street. They were characterised by increasing the height of the  High Street elevations (in a Conservation Area) and the provision of no parking facilities - not even a pull in or drop off area on the West Street frontage.


This is an innovative application which leaves the High Street elevations unchanged, but concentrates a new six storey residential block to the rear of the site, with undercroft parking for 14 vehicles at ground floor level. Because of the loss of rear access for deliveries, the retail unit will be supplied outside the hours of restricted vehicular access to the High Street.


The ongoing, co-ordinated development of the West Street frontage to the rear of High Street retail units will be a challenge, but this is a positive attempt which also provides the benefit of parking.