Application 19/02694 - Fry Days, 26 Bridge Street

Comments on Application 19/02694 - Fry Days, 26 Bridge Street

Conversion of existing flat to form 2 x 1 bed flats and 1 x studio flat - to include 1st and 2nd floor rear extension, raising the ridge, and front dormer to create new 3rd floor.



We are in favour of proposals to generate dwellings above retail properties in the town centre and this scheme generates two additional dwellings. This scheme involves considerable building work and expense, but regretfully delivers three dwellings that are substandard because they are too small. The Nationally Described Minimum Space Standard for a 1 bedroom flat is 50 square metres and both 1 bed flats in this scheme are only 34 square metres. The studio flat is also undersized with only 29 square metres delivered here. Therefore we object to this application because it is important that minimum space standards are applied if cramped and unsuitable dwellings are to be avoided.