Application 19/02357 - 17 Castle Hill

Comments on Application 19/02357 - 17 Castle Hill

Variation (under Section 73) of Condition 2 to substitute plans approved under 18/01498 - allowed on appeal - for the construction of 9 apartments with associated parking and landscaping following demolition of the existing buildings with amended plans.


We objected to the original application for this scheme which was for 10 apartments. On appeal the modified scheme for 9 apartments was allowed - subject to the scheme being delivered according to the drawings submitted and listed under Condition 2 of the appeal. Having been granted permission on appeal the developers wish to amend approved plans. In summary they wish to extend the total length of the apartment block by three metres, and to increase the accommodation by a total of 2 bedrooms by constructing 9 x 2 beds instead of the agreed 2x1bed and 7 x 2 beds.


Having reduced the number of apartments from 10 to 9 to help secure the appeal decision and agreeing the plans under Condition 2, the developers wish to increase the accommodation. Permissions granted on appeal should be delivered accordingly and not subject to amended plans. Therefore we object to this proposal.