Application 19/01758 - 31 to 33 Belmont Road

Comments on Application 19/01758 - 31 to 33 Belmont Road

Erection of 2 buildings comprising 7 x 1-bed units with access, parking, cycle storage and amenity space.

This remains a prime site for re-development, previously occupied by the long demolished property known as Gwynant. Over the years we have objected to several previous proposals to build apartments on this site. At the same time permission has been granted on a number of occasions for the construction of two detached houses. These permissions have never progressed to construction.


We continue to object to the development of two blocks totalling seven apartments. This location is characterised by a street scene of a mix of substantial detached houses, and large semis.  The apartments would be out of character with the area, which is more suited to the permitted detached dwellings. Whilst the developer is attempting to maximise the number of dwelling units, it should be noted that Maidenhead is currently experiencing a disproportionate number of flatted developments.