Application 19/01942 - 29 to 31 Harrow Lane

Comments on Application 19/01942 - 29 to 31 Harrow Lane

 Construction of 5 dwellings following demolition of existing.


We commented on a previous proposal for this site in November 2018 - 18/03163 - to convert and extend the existing two dwellings into a block of 7 flats (6 x 1 bed and 1 x 2 bed). We noted that the flats met the minimum space requirements, but the parking arrangements across the front of the property were substandard and unsatisfactory. This application was refused and an appeal is pending.


We object to this proposed new build block of 5 x 2-bed flats which is substandard because none of the dwellings meets the National Described Space Standard. A minimum area of 70 square metres is required for a 2-bed / 4-person flat as proposed for this development. The flats are clearly smaller as indicated on the plans. Flat 5 on the second floor is constructed in the roof space and suffers from only having roof lights in the two bedrooms. However, it is noted that parking is now provided to the rear, with access down the western side of the property. The number of parking spaces indicated on the proposed site plan is only 8, whereas current RBWM parking planning policy requires 10 (2 spaces per 2 bedroom flat).