Application 19/01617 - 6 to 8 Florence Avenue

Comments on Application 19/01617 - 6 to 8 Florence Avenue

Demolition of outbuilding and rear extensions, infill between Nos. 6 and 8 to form 5 flats ( 2x2 bed, 3 x studios ) and a detached dwelling following demolition of detached garage to rear.



We commented in August 2018 on Application 18/02345 which was withdrawn. This subsequent application appears to have been scaled down slightly with the total number of occupants reduced and consequently the required level of parking provision.


However, there is still some lack of clarity in the accommodation provided by this scheme. The description refers to studios, whilst the drawings show 1 bed/ 1 person flats and the 2 bed flats are for 3 persons. On this basis the total number of residents in the flats is 9. However, the introduction of double beds would increase the potential headcount to 14. The intended occupancy is significant, especially as with the higher occupancy some flats would be substandard in terms of living area as determined by Nationally Described Space Standards.


It is noted that the newly constructed detached house to the rear has been reduced from 4 bedrooms to 3, and the layout of parking for 2 vehicles has been improved.