Application 19/01181 - Queens Head, Water Oakley

Comments on Application 19/01181 - Queens Head, Water Oakley

Change of use of the land to allow for the siting of 55 residential park homes following the demolition of existing buildings.



The land to the rear of the previous public house known as the Queens Head is clearly designated as Green Belt. Any proposed development on such Green Belt is only permitted where exceptional circumstances are clearly established. It is accepted that there is a pressing need for more dwelling units across the Royal Borough - especially "affordable" ones. However, there are some solutions that are not an acceptable route to improving the supply of dwellings.


The application makes a case for residential park homes, to provide a cheap, effective and quick route to increase the housing stock. It also claims that these dwellings are ecologically more acceptable than traditionally built " bricks and mortar" houses. Of course, they can be produced and assembled off site, and can be removed at the end of their useful life, but to prefer these dwellings on ecological terms is misrepresentation. They do not constitute housing stock for future generations.


Maidenhead is surrounded by peripheral areas of Green Belt. It would be completely unacceptable for areas such as Spencers Farm or the Claires Court land west of Cannon Lane to be covered by swathes of residential lodges. Likewise the Green Belt at Water Oakley should not be subjected to residential lodge development. We object to this proposal for 55 residential lodges, as the exceptional circumstances required for such development within the Green Belt have not been demonstrated.