Application 19/01185 - Land to rear of 17 Ray Park Avenue

Comments on Application 19/01185 - Land to rear of 17 Ray Park Avenue

Construction of two dwellings following demolition of existing garages.


 We feel that this application for residential infilling is overambitious. The space is very limited and a pair of semi detached four bedroom houses will result in a cramped and un-neighbourly development. Garden amenity space is limited, and to comply with current planning policy parking is required for six cars. Although the proposals provide parking for six spaces - the parking arrangements are very tight, with limited turning area. In addition, access to the side gates of both properties is obstructed when adjacent car spaces are occupied


The development site lies within the Riverside Conservation Area, and surrounding residences are characterised by being large, late Victorian or Edwardian dwellings. Any new development should reflect and enhance the architectural character of the locality. A pair of modern semis with velux roof lights for the fourth bedroom are not suitable in this location. The density should be reduced by at least removing the fourth bedrooms in the roof space. Therefore we object to the current application which is is too cramped, and detrimental to the enjoyment of neighbouring back gardens.