Application 19/00942 - 70 to 72 High Street

Comments on Application 19/00942 - 70 to 72 High Street

Change of use and extensions to upper floors to form 8 apartments, alterations and extension of ground floor retail unit with roof terrace over.  Construction of a block of 18 apartments with new pedestrian access.

We commented on the previous application 17/03010 to develop this site in October 2017.  We note that the total number of apartments has been scaled down from 32 to 26.  We understand from the planning history that amended plans were submitted in June 2018 and ultimately with no decision forthcoming the applicants went to appeal earlier this year.  Subsequently the appeal and the original application were withdrawn in March 2019.

As with the earlier application our prime concern is the West Street frontage of the proposed development.  This is situate in the West Street Opportunity Area and planning guidelines are required to establish a consistent approach to the elevations of future West Street infilling and developments.  This proposal takes the building line right up to the pavement. The ground floor of the new building appears to be divided between residential access to the apartments, access to the bin store and a loading/unloading bay for the retail unit/s.  There is no provision of a vehicular pull in, or passenger drop off.  With 26 apartments there will be considerable vehicular activity, plus removal vans, delivery vehicles and bin lorries.  The frontage of all new West Street developments (on the south side) should be set back to allow vehicles to pull off the road.  This can be achieved by reducing the size of the roof terracing amenity space between the High Street and West Street apartments.

We welcome the provision of the roof terrace, and accept the absence of parking provision in this town centre site. However, we object to the application until some consideration is given to providing drop off and delivery parking on the West Street frontage.