Application 19/00042 - Boyn Hill Garage, 7 Bath Road

Comments on Application 19/00042 - Boyn Hill Garage, 7 Bath Road

Proposed new building of an office and 8 apartments following demolition of existing building.


This disused car showroom has become an unattractive site in a locality which features much interesting architectural interest. Although not opposed to the demolition, we are concerned that the proposed structure does not reflect the architectural opportunity that is offered by this site. The building line has been brought forward to reflect that of the existing properties to the east. This provides adequate parking to the rear with a total of 12 residential spaces. It also increases the distance between the rear elevations and the adjacent back garden of the existing property in Boyndon Road. However, we are not convinced of the desirability of mixing office space on the ground floor with residential accommodation above. We believe the front elevations would be improved if the building was residential on all three floors. The rear elevation is not enhanced by the vertical slatted screens which are a dominant feature.


We believe that there is a significant opportunity to improve the architectural design of the proposed building, which should be more sympathetic to surrounding architectural styles of nearby buildings....excluding Tesco Express and Majestic Wines which already detract from the area.