Application 19/00276 - Land Rear of 20 Ray Street (The Ark)

Comments on Application 19/00276 - Land Rear of 20 Ray Street (The Ark)

Permission in principle for construction of 2 houses.


We commented in November 2018 on Application 18/03264 which was refused. We can establish little improvement - other than a Flood Risk Assessment - in this latest application and therefore continue to object on the same grounds as previously.


Ray Park Lane is a narrow and congested thoroughfare, with many properties having no pavement in front of them. On street parking is situated on the eastern side of the road. As stated previously, the parking problem in this location is understated in the documentation supporting the application. The beer garden and limited parking to the rear of The Ark is a very tight space that might possibly accommodate one small dwelling with off street parking and some garden amenity space. Unlike the previous application, there are drawings to illustrate exactly how the two dwellings will be squeezed onto the site. These plans merely illustrate the space limitations - especially for the dwelling located on the corner.