Application 18/02849 - Land at Mead House, Pinkneys Drive

Comments on Application 18/02849 - Land at Mead House, Pinkneys Drive

Alterations and extensions to the existing garage to form a new detached three bedroom dwelling, with alteration to access, landscaping and existing parking.

Previous similar applications have been submitted in 2011 and 2017. We do not see  a significant reduction in the scale and circumstances of this latest proposal. Indeed the setting within the Pinkneys Green Conservation Area, and the adjacent location to a Grade II Listed Building remain unchanged. Consequently, we repeat our concerns as expressed in our letter of 13th March 2017 regarding Application 17/00369.

The 2017 scheme was dismissed on appeal in August 2018. A factor in the appeal decision was the protection of a Holm Oak in close proximity to the proposed dwelling. The fact that the tree is to be removed because of disease does not warrant a further attempt at the development and extension of the garage block to create a new detached three bedroom house. We object to the application because the proposed dwelling will be detrimental to the characteristic open aspect of the location, will detract from a Heritage Asset, and will not enhance and preserve the Conservation Area.