Application 18/02575 - Chingford Technical Coatings, Denmark St.

Comments on Application 18/02575 - Chingford Technical Coatings, Denmark St.

1st and 2nd storey extensions to existing detached industrial building.

This site is currently a single storey industrial unit. The proposal is to extend upwards with two additional storeys with interesting architectural elevations. However, the intended use of the new floors is unclear other than being referred to on the plans as "storage". The new second floor is entirely storage - apart from service areas, whilst the new first floor is divided between car parking (served by a car lift) and more storage. The ground floor workshop area remains similar to the current workshop - approx 200 sq metres. However, the existing storage area of 116 sq metres is increased to a total of 586 sq metres over the three floors. Obviously, if any of this storage area is to be used as workshop then it falls into a different planning category.

We note the comments from Transport on the first floor parking arrangements, and potential issues with the car lift.