Application 18/02588 -The Crooked Billet, Westborough Road

Comments on Application 18/02588 -The Crooked Billet, Westborough Road

Construction of 7 x 4-bed dwellings with associated landscaping, amenity space and parking, following demolition of existing building.

Whilst we agree that this is a suitable site for residential development, we believe that there are too many dwellings and bedrooms being squeezed onto the site. 7 dwellings with four bedrooms requires parking spaces for 21 cars - 3 per dwelling. Only 2 per dwelling are provided and these are substandard in that they require parking in tandem. This is an unsatisfactory situation when it is necessary to reverse into the road and manoeuvre to allow the vehicle nearest the house to exit the property. Therefore, we object on the grounds of the inadequate number of parking spaces, and the tandem parking arrangement.

We would suggest that the total number of dwellings is reduced to six - ideally in three pairs of semi detached. This would allow more width per house for parking with a total of 12 spaces to be provided. As the fourth bedroom is only a single, we would like to see the houses restricted to 3 bedrooms - which will reduce pressure on parking spaces. Whilst we have no problem with the height of the roof ridge, we believe that three pairs of semis would be more in character with the street scene.