Application 18/02550 - 23 to 33 York Road

Comments on Application 18/02550 - 23 to 33 York Road

Redevelopment of the site to provide 55 apartments with basement parking and associated landscaping, following demolition of existing buildings.

We are pleased that at last there are proposals to develop this derelict terrace, and that the public house on the corner of York Road and Park Street is included in the scheme. We also believe that the elevations are more attractive than those of similar blocks in the YROA proposals.

However, we are disappointed that such a high density block of apartments is proposed. The footprint of the development has been maximised, leaving very little landscaping or amenity space around the building. The height of the adjacent blocks proposed on the ex- Bowling Club site (Shanly) and the YROA (Countryside) is illustrated in the Design and Access Statement. In our opinion this proposal should be reduced in height by two storeys, with a resultant drop in the total number of flats. Whilst the effort at providing underground parking is to be appreciated, the capacity of only 17 spaces is unacceptable. This inadequacy of parking is reinforced by the fact that the same developer has provided such a good parking outcome in the proposals for the ex-Bowling Club site only yards away.

There are some practical issues which are of concern. A block of this size would require a service/delivery/drop off area probably on Grove Road. With the main entrance on the corner of York Road and Park Street, this will be an unsafe location for removal vans and delivery vehicles to load and unload.

In view of the above, we object to the proposed scheme on the grounds of the height, bulk and mass - especially height. Also on the grounds of inadequate parking and the lack of a safe drop off/delivery location.