Application 18/02579 - 6 Sperling Road

Comments on Application 18/02579 - 6 Sperling Road

Detached annexe ancillary to main building.

We continue to be concerned about the increasing number of applications for detached ancillary dwelling annexes at the bottom of back gardens in a suburban setting. This proposed annexe is a detached one bedroom bungalow with full facilities. The footprint of the annexe is larger than that of the host dwelling. It represents a significant loss of garden amenity space, and will of course be overlooked by the first floors of neighbouring properties. The increase in living accommodation will increase parking requirement in the locality.

If such ancillary dwellings are to be permitted by the planning authorities the status for council tax purposes should be kept under review. If not utilised for ancillary accommodation at any stage in the future, the annexe should be liable to separate assessment for council tax.