Application 18/01785 - Zaman House, Church Road

Comments on Application 18/01785 - Zaman House, Church Road

Outline application for access, appearance, layout and scale only for the erection of 8 apartments following demolition of existing dwelling.

We have commented on the previous application 16/03553 which was for a similar flatted redevelopment including the adjacent Awan House - 16 units in total. Our objections remain unchanged from those conveyed in December 2016.

The Fisheries is an established residential area of substantial family homes, of which this is one. Zaman House is in close proximity to the Fisheries Conservation Area, and the introduction of the proposed large block of apartments would be detrimental to the setting and character of the Conservation Area. In addition, the Fisheries Residents Association aims to protect the neighbourhood from such gross overdevelopment which might threaten the character and ambience of the area.

This proposal represents overdevelopment, with a building of a height, bulk and mass that is completely out of character with the neighbourhood. There are other issues with the provision of parking and access. In particular, we do not believe that a new access should be created on to Bray Road. Access should be maintained via Church Road rather than introduce an additional access point close to the existing road junction.

Although creating a precedent is not a reason for refusal in itself, granting permission for this scheme will encourage similar applications from owners with larger sites within the Fisheries. Clearly Awan House would follow. The character of the Fisheries will be threatened by an equivalent of the Shoppenhanger effect.

The site lies in an area subject to flood risk. Although a Flood Risk Assessment is provided, it is clear that such a large structure with associated hard standing for car parking and access will create issues with run off etc. The necessary introduction of an undercroft to accommodate floodwaters has increased the overall height of the scheme.


We object to this application which represents gross, un neighbourly overdevelopment of a height, bulk and mass that is detrimental to the character of the area.