Application 18/02186 - Rear Queensgate House, 14-18 Cookham Rd

Comments on Application 18/02186 - Rear Queensgate House, 14-18 Cookham Rd

3 x 2-bed town houses with undercroft parking.

We would like to consider this application alongside 18/02187 - for an alternative scheme on this site. We believe that the site is suitable for residential infilling, and welcome the provision of undercroft parking in both proposals.

Because of the risk of oversupply of flats in the town centre, we believe that the town house proposal will be a more suitable alternative. However, the town house scheme features contemporary architecture which does not reflect the traditional styling of Queensgate House. Conversely, the proposed flatted scheme is in a more compatible architectural style. In our view, the most suitable outcome would be for three townhouses to be constructed in the style of the proposed flats. We are pleased to note that the Planning Statement for the flats application undertakes to deliver dwellings that are above the minimum space standards, and amenity space. Of course, the townhouses would require more amenity space.