Application 18/02163 - 31 to 33 Belmont Road

Comments on Application 18/02163 - 31 to 33 Belmont Road

Construction of 6 dwellings with associated access, parking and amenity space.

We have lost count of how many times we have commented on applications for this site. Permissions to date has been given for either 2 detached dwellings or a block of 7 x 1 bed flats (the latter on appeal). This latest proposal is for 6 x 1.5 bedroom dwellings arranges in two terraces of three houses. These houses will be squeezed on to the site with only one parking space per dwelling, and very narrow strips of back garden. Consequently, we object to this proposal on the grounds of overdevelopment.

This site is clearly suitable for residential development, but it is not clear what development is suitable for the site. If the extant permissions are not acceptable to the developer, then perhaps two pairs of semi detached (four dwellings), with provision for 8 car parking spaces would be an acceptable maximum for the site. It seems quite unreasonable for such a suitable vacant site to be unresolved for so long.