Application 18/01363 - Waterside Place, 10 Lower Cookham Road

Comments on Application 18/01363 - Waterside Place, 10 Lower Cookham Road

Part single, part two storey side/rear extension, new entrance canopy, new decking, alteration to fenestration, new 3-car port following removal of existing ground floor front bay and existing garage

We are pleased to note that the previous proposal for an underground garage at this riverside location has been withdrawn. Nevertheless, development on this site is within the flood plain and subject to the maximum 30 square metre increase in footprint determined by Planning Policy F1. Furthermore, the site is situated within Maidenhead Riverside Conservation Area, and we are concerned that any proposed architectural styling should reflect and enhance the character of the Conservation Area.

We note that the architect for this project is the same as on the recently completed extension of the next door property - Jasper Lodge, 10A Lower Cookham Road. We did not comment on this earlier application, but the outcome of this development is larger than anticipated, and many architectural features are out of character with the Conservation Area. In view of this earlier outcome it is felt necessary to comment on this application for Waterside Place. It is to be hoped that the Conservation Officer will consider this application more effectively.