Application 17/03799 - Oakleys, 42 Queen Street

Comments on Application 17/03799 - Oakleys, 42 Queen Street

Construction of part 3-storey, part 4-storey, part 5-storey mixed use development with retail on ground floor and 9 apartments above (2 x 1 and 7 x 2 beds) following demolition of existing building.

This proposal is for an interesting landmark building on one corner of Queen Street and Broadway. However, some clarification is necessary regarding the status and impact of the High Street/Queen Street Conservation Area on the site. Although the current building is of no architectural merit, it is situated at the southern end of a lengthy facade of interesting and generally well preserved Victorian architecture. If the aims of Conservation Area Policy is to protect and enhance the architectural character of the locality, then consideration should be given to a more traditional style that reflects the adjoining frontage. We are interested in the views of Conservation Officers on the architectural style of this application.