Application 17/03617 - 38 Pinkneys Road

Comments on Application 17/03617 - 38 Pinkneys Road

Construction of 1 x 2 bed dwellng.

We have commented previously on similar applications for this site - most recently on 25th January 2017 regarding 16/03772 which was refused. This latest proposal moves vehicular access to the combined site away from the dangerous corner on Pinkneys Road. Access to the rear is provided by demolishing the existing garage of the host property, and four car parking spaces are provide for the total site. By turning vehicles in the space to the rear of the property it will not be necessary to reverse onto the road, which is a significant improvement in terms of road safety.

The real issue with this latest proposal is the lack of amenity space for the occupants. To the rear is a very small area of grass, whilst the area to the front of the proposed new dwelling is landscaped with grass and shrubs - rather than the hard standing parking area previously proposed. However, this area has no privacy as amenity space.

It is still unclear whether this application is for a separate dwelling. A communicating door is shown on the ground floor between the new dwelling and the host house.