Application 17/03525 - 5 Great Hill Crescent

Comments on Application 17/03525 - 5 Great Hill Crescent

Construction of a single storey self contained annexe.

We would like to point out that this application omits the words "detached" or "outbuilding" from the description on the Application Form. The proposal is for a separate dwelling at the bottom of the garden, and not a self contained extension to the main house. The rear and side of the proposed structure are situated against the boundary of the site, and the roof height will be above fence level and therefore visible from neighbouring gardens. The front elevation facing the host dwelling is unattractive with no windows.

We are becoming increasingly concerned that this and other similar proposals for habitable outbuildings at the bottom of back gardens are un neighbourly and visually intrusive. We believe that the RBWM should have a clearly defined policy on such applications. Until such a policy is in place we object to such a structure.