Application 17/03370 - Waterside Place, 10 Lower Cookham Road

Comments on Application 17/03370 - Waterside Place, 10 Lower Cookham Road

Construction of a 2 storey side and rear extension, provision of accommodation within a new roof structure, elevation alterations and a new entrance.  Construction of a triple car port replacing existing garage / car port

We are pleased to note that the previous application (17/02594) which included underground car parking and storage has been withdrawn. However this remains a property within Flood Zone 3 and is subject to restrictions under policy F1 There is no reference to flood related issues in this application, and a Flood Risk Assessment should be included. The increase in footprint should not be greater than 30 square metres, and the  large car port area should be surfaced with approved permeable material. It is assumed that this application replaces the permission already granted under an earlier application -17/00201. Although the officers report on this earlier application stated that flood risk was not increased, we believe that this current application is more extensive.

The height, bulk and mass of this proposal is overlarge in relation to the site. The nearly completed extension of the adjacent property 10A Jasper Lodge is an illustration of the actual change in scale and character that can result from over extension. Both properties lie within the Riverside Conservation Area, and any such building work should reflect and enhance the architectural character of the neighbourhood.