Application 17/03466 - Desborough Bowling Club - York Road

Comments on Application 17/03466 - Desborough Bowling Club - York Road

Erection of 1 x 8 storey and 2 x 7 storey buildings to provide 154 flats and associated access and  servicing, landscaping, courtyards and 176 cap parking spaces, following demolition of existing buildings.


We have commented previously on Application 17/01808 in June this year. This latest application appears to be virtually identical. As previously stated we believe that this application is premature in that the ongoing redevelopment of the York Road Opportunity Area has not been resolved. Adjacent areas should be developed in a co-ordinated manner and not in a piecemeal fashion. 

We are concerned that the height of 7 or 8 storeys becomes established as the norm, and fear that the height and design of the rear south facing elevations are visually sensitive when viewed by train passengers on the railway embankment to the east of Maidenhead Station. The eastern elevation does not relate to the York Stream and appears to sit on the access road beside the Day Centre to the Maidenhead Spiritualist Church and St John Ambulance. The Countryside proposals indicate a further residential block between this development and York Stream - they should not be planned in isolation.

As previously stated we applaud the provision of 176 car parking spaces (including two underground levels). This is an example of what should be delivered in the town centre and we remain very concerned at the failure to include any residential parking provision in the adjacent York Road Opportunity Area scheme to be proposed by Countryside.