Application 17/02698 - Exclusive House, Oldfield Road

Comments on Application 17/02698 - Exclusive House, Oldfield Road

Proposed residential development to provide 37 new apartments.

 We support the residential development of this site as identified in the emerging Borough Local Plan. Regretfully, it provides yet more flats and it is to be hoped that eventually more maisonettes and family homes will be delivered rather than simply maximising the number of dwelling units, which this development seeks to do.

We welcome the design of the apartment block retaining the ground level for access, parking, amenity space, etc. and restricting the total height to three storeys. The flats are all on the first and second floors, but it is noted that even with the number "restricted" to 37 units a number of apartments ( especially 1 bed ) fall below Minimum National Standards. For example 50 square metres is required for a double occupancy 1 bed flat. It is important that these minimums are adhered to if our housing stock is not to be substandard. We OBJECT and urge the planning authority to apply the minimum habitation sizes to this development.

We note the comments from Highways that the number of parking spaces is inadequate. Simplistically, applying 1 space to a 1 bed flat, and 1.5 spaces to a 2 bed flat may generate a requirement of 52 spaces. However, the number available to residents is reduced by two disabled spaces, and four for visitor parking. Furthermore, it is ridiculous that two parking spaces are used for bike racks. The Kings Quarter development on the opposite corner of Oldfield Road has always suffered from inadequate parking provision. Spaces in Oldfield Road are occupied by long term on street parking, the car park by Barclays Bank is full of long term Kings Quarter vehicles and The Farthingales has had to introduce parking permits. There is no on street parking in the locality - so we OBJECT until the number of parking spaces on site is increased.

 We agree that the orientation of the development should be westwards towards Oldfield Road and there should be no rear pedestrian access/egress to the Farthingales.