Application 17/02131 - Thrift Wood Farm

Comments on Application 17/02131 - Compound at Thrift Wood Farm, Ockwells Road

Demolition of all buildings within the existing compound area and erection of a terrace of 5 x 2 storey residential properties and a pair of semi detached 2 storey residential units (7 units in total)

We fail to understand how any previous permission was granted on this site, in view of the existing covenant held by the National Trust, the location within the Green Belt and the sensitive setting adjacent to Ockwells Manor.


This latest application represents gross overdevelopment of the site with a proposed building which is completely out of character with the environs. The architectural Hof style is unsuitable and out of place in this setting. The height, bulk and mass of the main structure of 5 "terraced" houses will have a detrimental effect on the setting of Ockwells Manor and the open aspect of the Green Belt.


Further development beyond that already permitted should be resisted. Any regretful development using permission previously granted should be of a traditional style. Ideally, the restrictive covenant held by the National Trust should be retrospectively applied to any development of this site.