Application 17/02051 - 55 St Marks Road

Comments on Application 17/02051 - 55 St Marks Road

Erection of 14 dwellings, car parking, landscaping and associated works following demolition of existing buildings and structures.

In principle we have no problem with the development of this site as residential dwellings. However, it is felt that the proposed number of dwellings and the size of some of those dwellings is over ambitious. At the far end of the site it would be preferable to see only two pairs of semis - rather than attempting to squeeze in an extra house (shown as Unit 10 ). Many of the houses have too large a footprint for the size of plot on which they stand, with minimal amenity space. Although, the proposed level of parking provided is adequate, it appears that there is an under provision of garden amenity space. This could be improved if the footprint of some houses was reduced and the number of houses was reduced to eleven or twelve. Although the proposed density is not excessive, the configuration and topography of the site (especially the disproportionately large area taken up by the access road) will result in a lower density being realistically deliverable.