The Millennium Walk

The Millennium Walk, a long distance (12.5 km) path from Hurley across to Maidenhead Riverside, is another project currently being finalised together with East Berks Ramblers.  Several years of planning culminated with the inaugural walk in May 2000.  The Walk connects at each end with the Thames Path National Trail.  A notable success in filling in the missing links was the creation of a path linking the Thames Path at Marlow to the Millennium Walk thus creating two smaller circulalr walks.  This required the diversion of Bisham Footpath 9 underneath the A404 necessary for public safety.  In July 2020 another missing link across the Royal Borough's new Battlemead Common near to the Thames was achieved.  Only one missing link that crosses the rail track is left.

An updated leaflet containing a map of the Walk, funded by a Platinum Award from Maidenhead Lions, can be download here.

The inaugural walk, May 2000

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