Latest Planning Comments (click on application no. for full details): Application 19/03069 - Broadway House, 21 Broadway / 42 Queen St

Comments on Application 19/03069 - Broadway House, 21 Broadway / 42 Queen St

Change of use of first and second floors from offices to residential to create 8 x studios and 2 x 1-bed apartments.

Although we have no objection to the change of use from offices to residential, we are concerned at the substandard size of some dwelling units - especially on the first floor.

In particular, the first floor 1-bed flat (Unit 5) is only 42.8 square metres compared to the Nationally Described Minimum Space Standard of 50 square metres. On the second floor the 1-bed flat (Unit 10) is a spacious 57.2 square metres. The majority of studios are around 30 square metres, although Unit 1 is an unsatisfactory 19.6 square metres. Three of the studios (including Unit 1) are fitted with fold down beds.


It is our belief that the development would be far more acceptable if one studio unit was removed from the first floor, because the second floor accommodation is much more satisfactory. The worst undersized units - 1 and 5 - are both on the first floor.