Application 19/00674 - Zaman House, Church Road

Comments on Application 19/00674 - Zaman House, Church Road

Construction of new building comprising 8 apartments with refuse and cycle stores, associated landscaping and parking and access following demolition of existing.

We have commented previously on applications for a similar proposal - 16/03553 and 18/01785 - both of which were withdrawn. In principle we do not believe that there are significant improvements in this latest application and therefore continue to object to the proposals.

The Fisheries Estate is characterised by substantial individual houses standing in large plots. Part of the Estate is a Conservation Area. There are currently no blocks of apartments within the Fisheries. This scheme would be out of character with the surrounding street scene in particular, and the locality in general. Whilst the construction of flats continues apace in the town centre, the introduction of apartments in leafy residential outskirts is unwelcome. Maidenhead is already over provided with flats as a proportion of the housing mix, and the demolishing of perfectly sound residential homes is ecologically unsound - even if the replacement block of flats does increase the number of dwelling units.

It is noted that adequate parking is provided in line with RBWM requirements for 6 x 2-bed and 2 x 1-bed flats i.e. 14 spaces. However we remain very concerned at the proposal to create a new entrance/exit some 43 metres north of the junction at Church Road. We believe that traffic from the site should enter or exit onto Church Road and use the existing road junction. A new and additional exit onto Bray Road is unnecessary and dangerous.